Top 10: Worst Premier League kits

The new Premier League season is just weeks away which means time is running out to buy your club’s new shirt before the campaign kicks off. In case you’re yet to pick your kit, here are a few we suggest you avoid…

However, before delving into the dark depths of the worst kits on offer, some news on the best of the bunch. Last week, we picked our top 10 kits, with Bournemouth’s home kit getting our stamp of approval. It was a close run race, but you voted Liverpool’s away kit as your favourite…


Not bad, we certainly approve. Now on to the worst kits unveiled…

Bournemouth away


While we enjoyed Bournemouth’s home kit, their third kit elicits the opposite emotions. There is something about lime green that should have set off warning bells among the design team, it was just never going to work.

Manchester United home kit


There is divided opinion on this one. Almost has divided as the two halves of United’s home kit…

If you’re wondering about the honeycomb graphic that knits together the two red block designs on the shirt, it’s inspired by the worker bee which appears in the crest of the City of Manchester and originates from the Industrial Revolution. It gets even better: “The strong work ethic of the city is also part of the club’s DNA, instilled in the players whenever they pull on the red shirt and represent the club.”

We’re not sure if we’re more offended by the kit of the PR blurb that accompanied it. It’s a case of ‘nice from far, but far from nice’ for this one.

Middlesbrough home kit


It all starts off fairly well for the Middlesbrough home kit, a nice red number with Adidas stripes on the shoulders, but then as you cast your eye further down it’s hard not to wonder what on earth that big, white stripe is doing there.

Sunderland third kit


It’s usually with the third kits where it starts to get messy, and like Bournemouth, Sunderland have gone astray with their third kit.

Pink and deep purple stripes are certainly different, but we’re not sure it’s a combination that’s going to catch on. Unless you’re a Jimi Hendrix fan, being reminded of ‘Purple Haze’ every time you see this kit is not going to be fun.

Chelsea away kit


While not as luminescent as some recent offerings, this Chelsea kit can be seen as almost equally offensive. The stripes on the chest and the plain sleeves just make it all the more confusing.

Crystal Palace away kit


Unless you’re Brazil it’s best to avoid yellow (Arsenal, we haven’t forgotten about you…), but Palace have decided to avoid conventional wisdom and have paid the price.

Southampton home and away kit


It was hard to choose which kit was worse, so we’ve gone with both Southampton numbers. Truly horrible stuff from Under Armour who we would have expected better from. As if losing all their top players (again) wasn’t bad enough for Saints fans.

Tottenham third kit


We said with Tottenham’s away kit that the gold trim was something you either liked or you didn’t – with the away kit one hasn’t been afforded much choice! The Olympics may be around the corner, making gold a desirable colour, but there is nothing desirable about this Spurs kit.

Norwich City third kit


Yes, we know they were relegated, but there was no way we could avoid this piece of design nightmare. Norwich have created some pretty awful kits down the line, but this one is putting in a strong bit for their worst effort. It’s hard to know how this got approval!