Cristiano Ronaldo will have an airport named after him

Cristiano Ronaldo is from the small Portuguese island of Madeira and, unsurprisingly, the island is very proud of their native son. They’ve built him a statue, a museum and a hotel on the island is named after him. Now, their airport will bear his name, too.

Madeira International Airport will be renamed in honor of Ronaldo. A vote at a local government meeting confirmed the decision and now they are working towards making the name change.

Of course, Ronaldo celebrated his new honor from a private jet.

It’s one thing to be a great player, which Ronaldo is. But it’s a whole other thing when you’re one of the best ever and came from a small place that few people around the world know about, then go on to captain your country to their first international title. Once Portugal beat France to become European champion, you knew the honors were going to roll in for Ronaldo. That apparently includes an airport.