Ronaldo out of UEFA Super Cup

Cristiano Ronaldo will miss the UEFA Super Cup, the Real Madrid forward has announced.

Ronaldo, who led Portugal to the Euro 2016 title but suffered a knee injury in the final, is on an extended break on his home island of Madeira.

Between visiting his personal museum and having a hotel and the island’s airport named in his honour, he gave an update on his return to club action and revealed he will miss August 9’s showpiece pitting last season’s Champions League winners against Europa League champions Sevilla.

Quoted by Portuguese news agency Lusa, he said: “I am completely ruled out for the ninth because my return date is the 10th, there is no chance.”

Ronaldo, 31, also addressed the prospect of renewing his contract in Madrid.

“I spoke to the president on the phone and when I get to Madrid, we will talk about it,” he said.

“Obviously it’s something I want, I have mentioned it many times, and the club also wants it. But we only spoke briefly, and there will be more concrete things to come.”

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