Drinkwater: I won’t push for new contract

Danny Drinkwater say that he is not concerned about his future at Premier League Champions Leicester City despite the absence of a new contract offer.

Following the club's success, Foxes management have been quick to secure the services of Janie Vardy, one of their several star players last season. However such a new deal is yet to be offered to Drinkwater.

The 25-year-old says that, while he would love to sign a new contract, he will not be putting any pressure on the club to make it happen.

"It is up to the club. I am not going to be chasing the club for that. It is up to them to approach me," he told the Leicester Mercury. "I would love to commit. But again I just want to play football, so I am not thinking too much about that. 

"I still have two years left on my contract. It is not a be all and end all if I don't sign a new one in the next few weeks," he continued. "It's up to the club how they handle this.

"I've got two years left on my deal so, if they offer me something, they do, if they don't, I've got one year left next season. It is entirely up to them.

"I'm still under contract so I can't really say too much, but I'm a Leicester City player at the minute."

Drinkwater also made a point of congratulating Vardy on his new deal – one that has likely prevented the striker from moving to Arsenal.

"When he signed I was away, but it's big for the club," he said. "It is good for Vards and on the flip-side it's very good for the club. Arsenal are a massive club, and a club a lot of people would love to play for.

"So Vards committing his future to Leicester must put the club in a good light, so credit to him."