Monk: Big season ahead

Swansea City manager Garry Monk is expecting the 2015/16 Premier League season to be more competitive than ever before thanks to lucrative broadcasting deals.

The Swans managed an impressive eighth-placed finish last season, Monk's first full campaign in charge, but he expects tougher challenges in the coming year, despite being better prepared this time round.

"It's very difficult. We were so fantastic last season," he said. "To try and better that is going to be our aim and going to be our drive, but we're also realistic as well.

"We have quality players at the club now and the competition is higher than probably ever before. Hopefully that's good enough for us to go into the season with."

Premier League clubs are set for a massive increase in revenue over the coming years thanks to lucrative new deals with broadcasters, and Monk thinks that the extra money will raise the stakes.

"I think the competition, the intensity of the pressure will be higher than ever before. I think it will be the hardest season the Premier League has ever seen for the simple fact that the TV money that kicks in the following season."