Calderon warns United of Mourinho’s character

Ramon Calderon, former Real Madrid president has blasted Jose Mourinho's persona but still feels that he is the right man to take over at Manchester United.

Mourinho's confrontational and divisive character has made him many enemies in this career as a manager and it appears as if he has raised the ire of Calderon.

The Spaniard, who's controversial comments have also grabbed the headlines in recent years, had some harsh words for the new United boss, but also wished him well in his career in England.

"We know his character and sometimes not the right one, mainly dealing with defeat and he is not happy and he is complaining," he told The Sun.

"I hope he doesn't do this in England," the 62-year-year. "If I was a Manchester United fan I would like him to behave properly. He had problems at Chelsea with the doctor and he was complaining in public.

"But I think he will learn from the mistakes in the past and it is a good opportunity to recover the prestige of his new club and win titles.

"At Real Madrid he blamed everyone but himself and that is not good, in my opinion. But he knows how to get titles and to motivate players.

"I am sure he will get many good players, big players. With the new ones he is great."