Witsel: We’re talking to Napoli and Everton

Belgium midfielder Axel Witsel's agent denied reports that a deal with Everton has been finalised, indicating that a move to Naples is still a possibility.

Despite reports suggesting that a move to Everton had already been finalised, the player's agent and father insists that no deal has been made with any club yet.

In an interview with Radio CRC, Thierry Witsel pointed out that Ronald Koeman's side has made an official offer, but that there are still many considertations before the the 27-year-old makes a commitment.

"It's true we met (Napoli director Cristiano) Giuntoli over the last few days in Brussels, it was a positive chat and there could be interest from both sides, so we'll see how the situation evolves," he said.

"The interest from Everton is concrete, as is Napoli's, so negotiations are in progress and until a marriage can be made we want to understand the conditions, deciding what is the best destination for the player.

"At this moment Axel is focused on the Euros, so there is no deadline to make a decision. Napoli are a great club and had among their protagonists Diego Maradona, so they don't need presentation.

"Dries Mertens also spoke very highly of Napoli to Axel, so he knows perfectly well that a move to Napoli would mean joining a big club and making a step forward in his career.

"Axel knows Italy, he spent some vacation time in the country and knows Napoli well on a sporting level. They are one of the best clubs in Italy and that is something to take into consideration.

"I haven't yet booked another appointment with Giuntoli, but we will talk over the next few days."