Santos: Opponents closing down Ronaldo

Portugal boss Fernando Santos says he needs more shots on goal from Cristiano Ronaldo and that opponents have restricted his star player in Euro 2016.

With the Seleccao's quarter-final against Poland looming, Santos revealed what he needs from his team in Marseille on Thursday night, amongst other things: more shots on goal from Ronaldo.

In their last-16 clash against Croatia, a match in which the Real Madrid forward provided the assist for Ricardo Quaresma's 117th-minute winner, he only managed a single shot on target. This is something Santos knows must be resolved if the Portuguese is to progress.

"We want to strike a balance," he said in the pre-match press conference. "We would rather have Cristiano shoot 15 times and score 10 goals. But our opponents won't let us and that is the game. In training and in games it is important every player plays their role."

Santos went on to praise the 30-year-old's skill and justify why the media is preoccupied with his performances thus far in the tournament.

"Everybody talks about him and there is a reason for that," added Santos. "Why? Because he is an amazing player, very, very good. People only talk about great players.

"There are hundreds of players here and we do not talk about them every day. It is normal to talk about Ronaldo, [Robert] Lewandowski and [Manuel] Neuer.

"They are amazing players. It is natural some are mentioned more than others, but we all know how to deal with that."