Howe frustrated with referee

Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe believes a couple of refereeing errors cost his side three points in their Premier League match against Liverpool at Anfield on Monday.

The Cherries lost the game 1-0 after Christian Benteke's 26th-minute goal was controversially allowed to stand, while Bournemouth captain Tommy Elphick's effort in the fifth minute of the game was ruled out.

Howe's biggest gripe was Benteke's strike because a special meeting had recently been conducted in which the new interpretation of the offside rule was explained to all managers.

However, Liverpool's goal was allowed to stand despite Philippe Coutinho attempting to play the ball from a clearly offside position.

"It is a clear offside under the new rules," Howe told Sky Sports. "We were sat out in front of the referees and told about the new rules.

"I was very surprised at the time, even from my poor angle, that the goal was given.

"That is the clearest example of the new rule you will see. A yard and a half offside and he is clearly impacting the goalkeeper. I don't think that is a tough one."

His frustration was compounded by the decision to disallow Elphick's goal for a foul even though he felt his skipper had won the ball the cleanly.

"Tommy has won the ball fairly. He has been aggressive but if that is a foul, we will be having fouls every time a corner goes into the box. That cannot be a free kick in my opinion, no way.

"That is basically a two-goal swing against us. Two big decisions have gone against us.

"We feel aggrieved we haven't come away with at least a point but I am very proud of the players and overall very pleased with the performances."