No sympathy for Wales, says Hodgson

England Coach Roy Hodgson insists there is no sympathy from him for Wales after England snatched a last-minute win over the Welsh at Euro 2016.

Substitute Daniel Sturridge fire home a stoppage-time winner to settle a comeback win for England in the Group B tie after Gareth Bale had fired Wales into a first-half lead.

With England replacing Wales at the top of the group Hodgson said he had little sympathy for his opposing number Chris Coleman.

"It is amazing," said Hodgson. "We played so well against Russia and conceded in the 93rd minute.

"Today we worked so hard in the second half and pushed and pushed and then scored in the 92nd minute, I suppose it shows things do even out but it is rare to see them even out in the space of two games.

"If I had been watching from afar and not been with England and watching Wales play some other opponent I would have felt very sorry for them.

"But they will have to excuse me not feeling sorry for them because I want to be pleased with ourselves.

"Had we not conceded that very late goal to Russia to rob us of what we thought would be a very deserved victory I would probably have been slightly less ecstatic."

Wales boss Coleman had earlier said it was probably the lowest moment of his career.

"You know you're going to be up against it from the start, it was a tough game. But we did everything we could to keep them at bay and even when they got the equaliser, they had possession but I think Wayne (Hennessey) pulled off one save.

"They pressed and probed but we weren't stretched too badly. For the dying seconds to lose it there, I can't say I've felt that disappointed too many times in my career as I did when that goal went in."