Wenger hits out at Norwich’s Bennett

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has claimed that Norwich defender Ryan Bennett's push on Alexis Sanchez "could have killed" the Chile international.

Sanchez is facing at least three more weeks on the treatment table after sustaining a hamstring injury during the 1-1 draw with the Canaries last time out, and Wenger has pointed to the incident involving Bennett as the reason for Sanchez's injury.

In fact, the Frenchman even went so far as to suggest Sanchez's fall into the TV camera pit "could have killed him".

"First of all, it's dangerous to have a camera there," Wenger said. "Secondly, he didn't need to push him like he did.

"He could have killed him. I think the camera position was absolutely dangerous. When Alexis was pushed it did not shock anybody.

"Nobody suggested that he could displace his back or his hamstring. The injury can come from that as well."

Mesut Ozil, meanwhile, narrowly escaped a collision just moments before the push on Sanchez, only just avoiding the photographers' pit behind goal.

Wenger added: "Ozil chose a space where he was free to dive in. I watched it again. He just saw that he was about to fall down [the pit] and he chose to go into a space where there was no camera."