Ronaldo a ‘bad loser’

The Iceland team are not taking Cristiano Ronaldo’s criticisms lightly, hitting back at the Real Madrid star with several jibes of his own.

The Portugal captain was critical of Iceland’s celebrations following their 1-1 draw on Tuesday, while also hitting out at their “small mentality” and saying they were only ‘lucky’.

But none of it appears to be having any effect on the Iceland squad and their supporters.

“It just makes it sweeter that he is a bad loser,” said Iceland midfielder Kari Arnason.

“We are a small island in the Atlantic Ocean and we got a draw against them.”

Arnason added Ronaldo was ‘not a gracious human being’.

Cristiano Ronaldo Iceland

“His comments are the reason why Messi is always going to be one step ahead of him,” the Malmo player added.

Former Iceland international Hermann Hreidarsson also weighed in, saying Ronaldo was behaving in a ‘petty’ manner.

“He didn’t fancy it on the day and he just got beaten up,” said Hreidarsson. “It’s petty in a way. He’s a sore loser obviously.”

“He thought he could have goals handed to him on a plate.

“If he would have worked as hard as every Icelandic player, he wouldn’t have had to say anything because I’m sure he would have got his rewards.”

With a population of just 330,000, debutants Iceland are the smallest nation to play at a European Championship finals.