Carvajal: Mourinho didn’t trust me

Dani Carvajal has taken a jab at Jose Mourinho, saying that his former coach should have had faith in him rather than selling him to Leverkusen three years ago.

The Real Madrid right-back, who misses out on the European Championships due to an injury sustained in the Champions League final, has taken aim at the new Manchester United boss, calling into question his ability to nurture young talent.

In 2012, Carvajal, who many felt had performed well enough for Real Madrid Castilla to graduate to regular first-team football, was regarded as surplus to requirements by Mourinho, and sold to Bayer Leverkusen.

The 24-year old was a star performer for his new club, so much so that Los Blancos activated their buyback clause one year later.

"I felt that I was perfectly ready to play for the first team, but hey, the coach, Mourinho in this case, did not have me in his plans," he told Marca.

"Mourinho was a bit opportunistic," he continued. "When I returned, he said that I needed the year elsewhere for my development. But had I not done well at Leverkusen, he would have said that I was not good enough for Madrid. I was a good player if I succeeded, but a bad one if I did not do well.

"I preferred the step to another league in Europe over staying with Castilla in the second division. I left Madrid with the clear plan to return. And that's the way it went.

"I returned to Madrid in a different situation. There's a difference between coming into the team as a youth player from Castilla or doing so after a successful spell elsewhere and having a certain status."