Coleman backs Ramsey to shine at Euros

Wales manager Chris Coleman believes Aaron Ramsey will play an integral part in the team's success at Euro 2016.

Ramsey and Gareth Bale are the two most recognised players in the national team, with the Real Madrid forward widely tipped as the star of the squad.

But Coleman feels the Arsenal midfielder is equally important to his side and could benefit from all the attention on his high-profile team-mate.

"He's as big for us as anyone," Coleman told Wales Online. "Aaron could go under the radar because of Gareth, but I think it's good for him.

"Gareth doesn't care, he's got that personality where he just gets on with it and it's good for Aaron – if he's under the radar he won't have a problem with that.

"All I expect from Aaron is just to be Aaron Ramsey on the pitch for us, because there's no one like him.

"Some of the performances I've seen him put in are total dominance in a football game from a midfielder – the best performances I've seen from any Welsh midfielder, and that's how good he can be. Bale will tell you how good Aaron Ramsey is.

"For us, he gives us something that we haven't got. He can do things in the position he plays in that other players can't do. He can start play on the edge of our box and he can finish it off on the edge of the opposition box.

"He went to Scotland and absolutely ran the game. He went to Belgium in the first campaign with almost our reserve team and he ran the game. We dictated the tempo of the game and he was brilliant.

"I'm a believer that you're as good as your best game because that's the level that you can get to. When you've got the imagination he has and you've got the confidence he has, when you try something it's not always going to come off. But when it comes off, he can open doors that nobody else can."