Howe: Pressure higher than ever

Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe admits the pressure of being an English Premier League manager is higher than ever following the influx of television rights money.

The Cherries boss claims the financial muscle of the 20 clubs and the ever increasing social media and press speculation will give managers sleepless nights.

"I think there's so much pressure with the money available at this point in the Premier League," he told the Daily Echo

"There is a pressure from the owners and the powers that be that run football clubs to achieve and of course the supporter base wants that as well.

"Everything is highlighted so much by the media in terms of press conferences, the reaction to games and the phone-ins and those sort of set-ups can generate emotion and feeling and those feelings can build. 

"It has built more than was the case 15 or 20 years ago where the mediums of communication between supporters were less obvious. 

"All that has accelerated into reactions to results and in turn, pressure on managers."

Howe, who is currently considered one of England's most talented managers, conceded that the success of retaining their top-flight status in the midst of an injury-hampered season means nothing to anyone.

"You are the one having to steer the club the way you see best and it is very difficult. Any past success and past glories are very quickly forgotten from both sides," Howe added.

"I don't look back at past successes, you are judged on what you do now and that is in turn pushing me on to try and achieve more."