Enrique: Fatigue not a problem for Sevilla

Barcelona head coach Luis Enrique is looking forward to the Copa del Rey final, but admits his side is up against a formidable opponent in Sevilla.

At a pre-match press conference, Enrique praised the court ruling overturning the ban on the controversial Estelada flag being waved at this weekend's cup final.

The Spaniard called the decision the 'most logical' and went on to discuss his thoughts on the upcoming match.

"We're looking forward," he said. "I see the team very well. The last three weeks without [midweek] matches have helped us to work on things.

"Sevilla have enough motivation to forget about any possible fatigue. They won the Europa League brilliantly and have the chance to win a double, which would be important for them."

The topic turned to Sevilla director of football, Monchi, the man largely credited with the club's resurgence.

"When there's success, it's not only because of one person. Sevilla also use their youth academy and have a great coach," Enrique added. 

"They're a specialist team for finals. They turn around difficult situations, and there will be a match regardless of who's ahead on the scoreboard."