Queiroz slams United spending

Former Manchester United assistant manager Carlos Queiroz has accused the club of panic buying after the purchase of Anthony Martial for an astronomical fee.

The Portuguese coach had two spells at Old Trafford under Sir Alex Ferguson and he is disappointed that the club seems to have transitioned away from developing its own players, and took a huge swipe at departed winger Angel Di Maria.

"It was always about creating players," he told The Guardian.

"Now it is the opposite, we see some of the best players going down and even some of the players that arrived in the team like Falcao and Di Maria were on the bench.

"I saw Di Maria and some games, he looked like he has never played football. There is panic buying.

"You have to prepare and then make the decisions together. You can still make wrong decisions but we never made panic decisions when buying players.

"The foundation of Manchester United's success was based always on trust, confidence, continuity – the values of the club.

"I think there have been too many changes that disrupted the continuity and tradition of the club.

"There was nothing wrong with building the future based on the principles that were already inside Manchester United created by Alex Ferguson, that was the right direction.

"I have great admiration and respect for Louis [Van Gaal] and David [Moyes], they are great coaches that I admire but I think they made some critical and crucial mistakes in the transition from Alex.

"I hope and expect this season that Manchester United is able to not only compete, to win but to win in style because that is what Manchester United is about, winning with style and entertainment," he concluded.