Court: Moggi initiated Calciopoli

The Supreme Court of Cassation in Italy has labelled Luciano Moggi the "initiator" of the 2006 Calciopoli, which saw Juventus stripped of two Serie A titles.

The Juve general manager was originally sentenced to five years and four months behind bars, but saw the punishment reduced to two years and four months following an appeal.

However, Moggi was not imprisoned at all after the charges were dropped in March, despite him not being acquitted, but the latest findings of Italy's highest court deemed him to have played a central role in the scandal that rocked Italian football nine years ago.

The 78-year-old was ruled to have been guilty of "guiding a significantly structured association widely diffused across the whole territory with every single person involved fully aware [of what was going on]."

The institution of law also fingered Moggi as the "initiator of an illicit system influencing matches in the 2004-05 season (and not only this one)."