Aston Villa fans celebrate…relegation?

Give Aston Villa supporters some credit. Faced with relegation, a group of Lions fans decided to make the most of it and have a party in the stands while their team played Newcastle.

In reality, though, the ‘party’ was in fact more of a protest against Villa’s horrendous Premier League campaign.

A press release from the Aston Villa Protest Group read:

Let’s create the scene that we want our season to be remembered by. One of unity, of passion, of strength. Of a lion roaring its lungs dry.

Then in the ground itself, let’s have a party. One for the ages. We are bringing 2,500 balloons which will be available from 1.40pm at the usual spots along with 74 beach balls which we hope you will join us in releasing on the 74th minute. Let’s provide Randy Lerner with the romantic nourishment he so dearly craves.

As for AVPG, we hope that this is our last protest. We hope that the club is moved on in the summer and that it will be an easy decision for us to let bygones be bygones and concentrate solely on supporting the team on the pitch next season.

More than 1000 fans took part in a march before the game, and then helped to create a festive atmosphere inside the stadium as Villa played out to a 0-0 draw with Newcastle.

A lot of the Villa faithful did bring their beach balls to the stadium, many of which ended up on the pitch: