Liverpool visit excites Schneiderlin

Manchester United midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin can't wait for Liverpool's visit to Old Trafford on Saturday in what will be his first match against Brendan Rodgers' side at Old Trafford.

France international Schneiderlin joined Louis van Gaal's side from Southampton in the off-season and has been a fixture in the starting XI in the Premier League for his new club.

"I relish it very much. I know the rivalry between Liverpool and Man Utd," he told Sky Sports on Friday.

"I can't wait to get started, to feel this atmosphere in the stadium and on the day of the game. It will be my first one and I hope to start it with a win.

"We have played in big games before, so we know how to handle it. Of course you want to enjoy the atmosphere, but not too much. You need to stay focused on the game. If you get too carried away by things you can get sent off, lose your control and your nerves. So just control yourself and play your game and just stay focused."

Scheinderlin remains friends with three Liverpool players who were team-mates of his at Saints – Dejan Lovren, Nathaniel Clyne and Adam Lallana – but added that he hasn't spoken to any of them in the lead-up to Saturday's match.

He added that they have been texting each other, but that their friendship will be put on hold once the match kicks off.

"For the moment, we don't talk about it," he continued

"But we will text each other because we are really good friends. We had some good years at Southampton.

"But on the pitch we are not friends anymore. On the pitch we will fight for our colours and fight for our team. There will be no friends. It is hard, but it is life. I fight and my team-mates fight to win the title. We won't let anyone put this in between us. It's important to stay focused and if I have to tackle him and hurt him in a good way of course, I will do it."

Speaking of his £25m move to the Old Trafford club, the 25-year-old said that the transfer was something of a dream-come-true for him.

"For me it was a dream to play for such a big club," Schneiderlin said.

"So I'm very happy to make that move. It's just the start of the season, so there is a new philosophy, so I will need that time.

"My team-mates, how they play, how they move and what the manger wants from me.  I will need more time to feel perfect on the pitch. I cannot wait. There will be no problem in a few weeks.

"Collectively I want to win as many titles as we can. That's why I came to the club. Personally I want to play well for Man Utd, to give them back everything, because they brought me to this club.

"I know there is a lot of expectation, but there must be in this type of club. I cannot wait to play my best game and win titles for this club and play for my country next summer."