Marotta: Building Juve squad won’t be easy

Juventus director Giuseppe Marotta is aware that his club cannot compete with the money spent by his European rivals, and says bringing in new talent will be tough.

Both Paul Pogba and Paulo Dybala have featued regularly in this season's transfer gossip. Both players are under 24 and very highly-rated, making them prime targets for Europe's wealthiest clubs.

Marotta, knowing that the Italian side cannot compete with their Spannish and English rivals in terms of the money spent to build a squad, will be desparate to hold on to his two star players.

"It’s true, Manchester City asked us for Pogba last year," he told Mediaset Premium. "We said as much, but we politely replied that he was not for sale and the matter ended there.

"I won’t deny he has many offers, as does Paulo Dybala, because they are both talented and very young. However, we want to hold on tight, as they are not on the market. Pogba is 23-years-old and can continue with us for a long time."

Another player Juventus may struggle to  keep hold of is Spanish forward Alvaro Morata. The 23-year-old has a buy-back clause in his contract and, after another excellent season in Turin, it is expected that Real Madrid may make use of it.

"Florentino Perez is a great director and we have a good rapport with Real Madrid. We’ll visit them to negotiate for Morata and other situations too," the Bianconeri director added.

Speaking about the possibility of bringing in new players for next season's Champions League campaign, Marotta raised the issue that every top Italian club is facing: not being able to compete in the transfer market.

"We must try to create a mix of youth and experience, possibly maintaining Italian roots. We can improve, but must find players available who are suited to us," he said.

"That is not easy, because our competitors on the transfer market are the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, PSG and Manchester City, who rarely let go of their prized players."