Ranieri: Rich clubs will keep winning

Despite Leicester's astonishing accomplishment, Claudio Ranieri believes that England's top clubs will resume their domination of the Premier League next year.

The cost of assembling the Foxes' championship-winning squad has been estimated to in the region of a mere £57 million – a third of that spent by second-placed Tottenham and roughly an eighth of Manchester City's squad of superstars.

This may be a fascinating statistic, but it's not one that Ranieri believes is a signal of a new trend; the Italian is of the opinion that this season was an anomaly and it will be another one or two decades before it is repeated.

"Big money makes big teams and usually big teams win. Now we can say only 99% of the time," Ranieri told the BBC.

"Next season will be the same and for the next 10 or 20 years, it will be the same. How many years after Nottingham Forest and Blackburn have another team won?

"The richest, or the team who can pick up the best players to make a team, will win."