Sabatini: Totti wants to keep playing

Following two crucial cameos in his last two appearances, Francesco Totti's retirement doesn't seems as imminent as it did at the start of the year.

Despite only making two Serie A starts for Roma this season (in comparison to last season's 24) and his contract coming to an end, it appears as if club legend Francesco Totti may remain a midfield option for coach Luciano Spalletti next season.

Speaking to Mediaset Television, I Giallorossi president Walter Sabatini waxed poetic about the club's inspirational captain.

"When you arrive in Rome and say that Totti is the light over Rome's skyline, because it never goes out, then I would say that still applies today because Francesco's still not gone out," he said.

"I asked him 'do you want to quit while you're still at the top, or maybe do it after?' and he told me that he wants to carry on playing because he feels he can still do it.

"He's got an almost adolescent love for football. Francesco believes that his technical, dynamic and physical attributes can stand the test of time. He's got a real passion for football."

According to Sabatni, the reasoning behind Totti's limited on-field opportunities was sound.

"Spalletti has just done his job," Sabatini said. "He's played Totti when he felt it was right to do so, and he's got great results to be honest.

"And it is he who has fielded him, not the press or anybody else. So the coach can be left out of any possible controversy because he has just done his job. I'm amazed by what he is doing. Sometimes people think that all you need is good players, but you also need the right manager and Spalletti is a maestro in this."