Marotta: Juve to focus on keeping star players

Juventus general manager Giuseppe Marotta has assured the club's fans they will focus on retaining this season's best players before looking at who to bring in.

The Seria A champions' star pairing of Paul Pogba and Paulo Dyabala have both attracted a massive amount of attention from the usual suspects: Barcelona, Manchester City and Bayern Munich.

But Marotta has repeatedly stated that neither are for sale, something he's had to do yet again in an interview with Mediaset Premium.

"Pogba and Dybala are the core of the team, so we will not sell them. We only sell players who want to leave," he said. "The first objective this summer is to consolidate this group by keeping the best players, only then will we look at the market."

On-loan Chelsea winger Juan Cadrado has also been instrumental in the Bianconeri's campaign, with Marotta indicating that he'd like to secure the Columbian's services permanently in the summer despite reports that new Chelsea manager Antonio Conte wants him back at Stamford Bridge next season.

"We’d like to keep Cuadrado, but we have to discuss it with Chelsea first," he said. "It’s only natural Conte will try to keep the best players. Cuadrado has been very important for us, so we’ll evaluate what can be done."

Juve have also been linked to PSG's Uruguayan striker Edinson Cavani recently.

"Cavani depends on whether PSG want to sell him. I am always talking about quality, as this has been our growth process, adding more and more quality each year," Marotta added.

"We’ll see, so much on the market is down to whether other clubs want to sell their best players. Juventus very rarely have sold their best, we only release those who ask to leave."