Wagner: Footballers don’t earn enough money

SV Darmstadt 98 striker Sandro Wagner says footballers claims footballers “deserve everything they earn” and claims they are underpaid when compared to sportsmen in America.

The 28-year-old insists players at the top level should be earning more money, and has listed several reasons why he believes that to the case.

He pointed to the sacrifices football players have to make, saying it is a career that requires “a lot of sacrifices”.

“When you look at all the sacrifices footballers have to make, they do not earn enough money,” Wagner said.

“Everybody is looking at everything you are doing, in your personal life as well. There are a lot of sacrifices.

“I think even the players at Bayern do not make enough money, not even £10m or so is enough. Professional athletes in American competitions make much more.”

He added: “And you do not become a professional footballer from out of nowhere.

“You give up your entire youth. You hardly have any friends, you cannot just go out at night.

“You always have to be fit, there is always a match around the corner. It’s hard work and people tend to forget about that.

“Your career lasts only ten to 15 years. You generally don’t have any proper education and have to start all over again when your career is over.

“Footballers deserve everything they earn. It’s also a matter of supply and demand.”