Martinez: No issues in my camp

Everton manager Roberto Martinez insists there are no problems in the dressing room, amid rumours suggesting unrest within the Toffees camp.

Everton's form has put manager Roberto Martinez and his squad under intense scrutiny, with reports claiming there could be issues in the club’s dressing room.

The rumours started circulating after defender Leighton Baines questioned the chemistry in the Everton squad, prompting a section of the club's supporters to call for Martinez's head.

However, the former Swansea City mentor says he is not bothered by the supporters' frustrations, and believes his decision to force Baines to apologise for his comments was a right call.

"If someone put a positive banner out that wouldn't take time out of my thinking. You cannot lose time thinking of anything but how we go forward," Martinez said.

"Maybe if it was my first season working as a manager I might have reacted in a different way, but not now.

"I understand if we don't get wins the fans are not going to be happy. That’s very straightforward. [The abuse] that's part of my job … the passion that they share is what drives us to be better and achieve perfection if anything.

"Obviously it is my job to set standards and to have a professional relationship with players in the best interests of the football club.

"Dressing rooms work like that.

"The manager needs to make the decisions, and the players need to enjoy their job and enjoy their talent and do the things that the team needs every individual to do in order to win.

"It just isn't the case that the relationship between the manager and players is a problem. That has never been an issue.

"Remember that we are not talking about a bad team here, or a team that doesn't perform. We are talking about a team that performs really well away from home, yet doesn't get the results at home.

"That doesn’t suggest the relationship between the manager and the players is wrong."