Is Aaron Ramsey cursed?

A popular Catalan newspaper warned its readers to steer clear of Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey, who was on holiday in Barcelona this weekend.

The Sport appeared to get the willies after seeing Ramsey post a picture of himself in front of the famous Sagrada Família.

The newspaper said that Ramsey must have awoken the spirits at the church by his cursed presence alone, but what is making them so skittish?

The answer lies in a rather disturbing trend that was uncovered about his prolific boot. Whenever Ramsey scores a goal, a well known person tends to kick the bucket.

It all started with the death of Osama Bin Laden back in 2011, shortly after Ramsey found the back of the net against Manchester United, but it didn’t stop there.

Here’s the full rundown of Ramsey goals and the famous deaths that followed:

1 May 2011 v Manchester United: Osama bin Laden dies 2 May 2011
2 October 2011 v Tottenham Hotspur: Steve Jobs dies 5 October 2011
19 October 2011 v Marseille: Muammar Gaddafi dies 20 October 2011
11 February 2012 v Sunderland: Whitney Houston dies 11 February 2012
30 November 2013 v Cardiff: Paul Walker dies 30 November 2013

That appeared to put an to the curse – until it resurfaced in 2016:

9 January 2016 v Sunderland: David Bowie dies 10 January 2016
13 January 2016 v Liverpool: Alan Rickman dies 14 January 2016
5 March 2016 v Tottenham: Nancy Reagan dies 6 March 2016

So is there anything to this goalscoring curse? Or is it just cooincidence?