Ambitious Neuer targets more trophies

FC Bayern München goalkeeper Manuel Neuer celebrated his 30th birthday on Sunday, but is adamant he still has a long and successful career ahead of him in football.

Neuer was part of the Germany side that beat Argentina in the 2014 World Cup final, after which several of the team’s stars decided to end their international careers, but the ambitious goalkeeper says one major trophy is not enough for him.

“Our generation of players is very hungry for success. We are all very ambitious, and you don’t just lose this ambition by winning one trophy,” he told the official DFB website.

“I want to win the Bundesliga every year and after winning it the first time, that feeling never went away. The same applies to the national team.

“Obviously, it is our goal to win the European Championship, but that would also have been the case had we already won it back in 2012.”

The shot-stopper is confident he still has a lot to offer and pledged to continue playing football as long as he continued to take enjoyment from it.

“I think at the age of 30 you still have youthful aspects, but at the same time, you have gathered enough experience to know how to succeed in life. I like this mixture,” he explained.

“I generally don’t think one’s age is all that meaningful – there are 50-year-olds who still act and think like children. Turning 30 is also not a big deal for me in terms of my football career.

“I feel fit and well. I know that I have to look after my health, but turning 30 is no reason to start considering the end of my career.

“I love playing football every day. I love working hard, I love training, I love the games, I love the challenge.

“As long as that still applies, I don’t see any reason to call time on something that makes me so happy,” he concluded.