Five weirdest sports injuries

In the light of Roger Federer’s bizarre explanation of how his knee surgery came about, we have found five other perplexing off-field injuries that professional athlete’s have suffered from. 

On Thursday, Roger Federer revealed that he required surgery on his knee because he damaged ligaments when he moved to run a bath for his twins.

It’s uncanny how sportsmen and sportswomen put their bodies through such vigorous stress on their respective fields, courts, grounds and grids… Yet all too often the most serious injuries occur in the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom or on the dance floor.

Take a look at some of sport’s most bizarre non-sporting injuries. Let’s just say compiling this list wasn’t a particularly tough task…

1. Santiago Canizares

In the build-up to the 2002 Football World Cup, Spain’s then first choice goalkeeper, Canizares, was applying some after-shave to his neck at the team’s training base in Jerez when the product slipped from his hands and crashed to the floor. A piece of glass severed a tendon in his right foot. He was rushed to hospital where it was confirmed that he would require surgery and that is World Cup was over before it had begun. #stinker

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2. Sammy Sosa

In 2004 The Chicago Cubs’ star suffered an injury that was not be sneezed at. Sosa sprained a ligament in his lower back after, yes, you guessed it, two violent sneezes. #blessyou

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3. Lionel Simmons

While Simmons enjoyed a fantastic debut season in the NBA in 1991 with the Sacramento Kings that saw him finish as runner-up to Derrick Coleman for Rookie of The Year, the campaign never passed without incident for the then 21-year-old. The small forward was forced to miss several games after playing too much Nintendo Gameboy gave him tendinitis in his right wrist. #rookie

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4. Kim Clijsters

Movement and agility are attributes that are essential to a successful tennis player. Clijsters brought that fact into serious question when her inability to execute a dance-move at her cousins wedding saw her strain both the medial and lateral ligaments of her right ankle as well as suffer injuries to the ankle joint and cause tendon damage. She managed to appear in the French Open a few weeks later but was visibly not 100 percent and got knocked-out in only the second round of the tournament. #rythymisadancer

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5. Bill Gramatica

While not exactly an off-field injury, we could not resist including NFL player Gramatica hurting himself after celebrating a successful kick in a game that his team eventually went on to lose. #kickyourself