Klopp: I won’t stand in my players’ way

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp insists that it is natural to lose your star performers to other teams, and says he will never keep any player who wants to leave the club.

The German coach reckons that it is better to sell a player that wants a move away from your club than to force him to stay and deal with his unhappy attitude for the rest of the season.

“Everything is okay at the moment but nobody in the world – maybe only Lionel Messi – is un-sellable,” Klopp told reporters.

“There is always a situation. I come from a club where the best players are always picked by other teams and in the end you have to accept a few things. You always need to have a Plan B or a Plan C.

“If a player comes to me and says he doesn’t feel comfortable and wants to leave because of our style of play or because he can make more money elsewhere, then you always have to start thinking. That’s all I can say on this.

“Coutinho, Firmino, so many players are very special. You could go through the whole squad. But if a player wants to go to another club then I’d always be open to it because I don’t want to have a player in my squad who doesn’t want to be in the squad.

“These are problems you don’t need during a season. A player is never good enough for you to have to cope with problems like that for an entire year.”

The Reds are 9th in the league standings with 44 points from 28 games, having two games in hand and have reached the Europa League quarter-finals following their 3-1 on aggregate victory over rivals Manchester United on Thursday.