Schalke fans threaten Rivierderby boycott

Schalke 04 supporters have threatened to boycott the Rivierderby against fierce rivals BVB Dortmund due to stricter security measures imposed by local police.

Dortmund police have requested that all Konigsblauen fans congregate in an isolated area before being escorted to the ground on buses as the derby has been marred by fan violence in recent seasons.

Police have also called for more control over visiting fans' movement and the new measures have not been well met by Schalke 04 fan groups.

To further add to their ire, Dortmund have reduced Schalke's away allocation from 8200 tickets to just 6000 and it seems unlikely that number will be sold out.

Schalke have issued a statement distancing themselves from the increased security measures, but did urge fans to avoid delinquent behaviour.

A club statement read: "Schalke have decided not to dictate to our own fans how they should make their way to the stadium. We are also rejecting the introduction of personalised tickets with vouchers.

"Schalke would like to ask all of our fans to distance themselves from any violence or criminal damage, and not to burn any pyrotechnic material or provoke anybody, and they should distance themselves from anybody who should think differently to this."