FA chief dismisses European Super league idea

Football Association chief executive Martin Glenn has added his voice to a growing chorus opposing the formation of a European Super League.

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal expressed his opposition to the idea earlier in the week, while Arsenal also voiced a similar sentiment.

This after a number of the Premier League’s most successful teams reportedly met in secret to discuss the possibility of forming a breakaway league.

“Football has to keep evolving [but] we can’t lose the principles of promotion and relegation,” Glenn told the BBC.

“Isn’t it brilliant to see a team like Leicester upsetting the applecart?

“And that’s only possible because the Premier League shares the riches quite evenly, in contrast to most other European countries where a few teams get the lion’s share.

“It would be a real shame to miss that, a real shame to not have a Leicester phenomenon every year to bring in some variety and challenge.”

All 20 Premier League clubs received £50m last season, and they can look forward to receiving double that amount when the new TV sponsorship deal kicks in next season.