Wenger: Arsenal’s confidence waning

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger admitted that his side’s confidence took a hit following their 2-1 loss to Swansea City on Wednesday. 

With league leaders Leicester City drawing with West Brom on Tuesday, and Tottenham beaten by West Ham on Wednesday, Arsenal had a golden opportunity to close the gap on the top two, but instead came unstuck against the Swans.

Wenger has challenged his side to bounce back from their disappointing defeat when they face Spurs in Saturday’s north London derby.

“It looks a little bit like that, yes,” Wenger said when asked if Arsenal’s confidence had dipped. “We have to focus on our job and come back reminding ourselves that we have some quality as well. We’ve got to analyse this result and bounce back. We have a big game this weekend.”

The Frenchman admitted that he is currently more concerned about the impact the loss to Swansea will have on his side rather than winning the Premier League title.

“At the moment I am worrying more about the result than the title,” he said. “At the moment we don’t dream, we have to be realistic and come back to what we do well. And do the basics.

“We want the focus to be on trying to win the next game, and we won’t talk about the title. I’m not in the mood to do that. It’s a big disappointment and we have to swallow that and bounce back.

“At the moment, I believe that we need to get back to positive results before we speak about the championship which is at stake at the moment. It is very difficult as it is unpredictable. Manchester City lost, Tottenham lost. It is very difficult to predict what will happen in this league.

“Let’s focus on winning the next game and not talk about the title. I’m not in the mood to do that. It is a big disappointment for us to swallow this and we need to bounce back.”