McManaman: It’s going to be difficult for Zizou

Former Real Madrid winger Steve McManaman believes it will be difficult for the club to match Barcelona unless they are able to refresh their squad.

McManaman is convinced Zidane will be a success at Los Blancos, but believes the fact their best player Cristiano Ronaldo being 31 years old will pose a problem to their progress in the short term.

“I think Zizou will be a wonderful coach, I really do, but the fact that he is chasing down this Barcelona side – it is going to be very, very difficult for them because the best player at Real by a long way is Ronaldo and he is 31 now,” he told Omnisport.

“Whether he is coming to the end of his superpowers, I don’t know but he is certainly the wrong end of 30, while Barca seem to be getting better and better to be very honest.

“The team that are formed at Barcelona at this moment are wonderful so I think it is going to be very hard for Real Madrid to catch them in the near future, certainly over these next couple of years.

“Unless they go out and spend trillions of pounds which of course they can’t at this moment in time [due to a FIFA transfer ban].

“I think it is going to be difficult for Zizou but I think he is going to be a great Real Madrid manager anyway.”