These commercials are doing it right

Some famous footballing faces appear in two new commercials – and they’re pretty great.

The first is a new Pepsi MAX promotion that sees the likes of Alexis Sanchez, Sergio Aguero, James Rodriguez and Vincent Kompany having bit of fun in an empty football stadium at night.

A couple of delivery men think they have the stadium to themselves to have a friendly game of kick-about… until a few more players join the party:

The second commercial sees Adidas employ Thomas Müller to ‘Boss Everyone’ as part of their latest promotional campaign.

Müller uses this an excuse to troll his team-mates at Bayern München with the help of a megaphone:

We have to give the guys behind this commercial credit. Müller has a reputation as one of the biggest jokers in football, and they’ve managed to effectively harness his crazy streak.

It’s also good to see the Germany international hasn’t changed much since winning the World Cup: