Zimbabwean striker can’t quite do a Messi

Maybe it’s not the best idea to try and copy the great Lionel Messi, as striker Rodreck Mutuma found out recently.

Mutuma, who plays for Zimbabwean side Dynamos FC, was granted a late penalty in match against WhaWha FC this week, and decided to attempt a trick pass move he must have seen Messi and Luis Suarez pull off against Celta Vigo a couple of weeks ago.

Unfortunately for Mutuma, while the will was there, the skill and execution was not.

After telegraphing the move with a blatant sideways glance at team-mate Valentine Ndaba, Mutuma delivered the pass, but unfortunately left his partner in crime with far too much to do.

We couldn’t see his team-mates’ or the fans’ reaction, but we suspect it might have looked something like this:

Thankfully, the error didn’t cost Dynamos too dearly, as they comfortably went on to win 4-0, but we suspect Mutuma probably won’t be trying that move again any time soon.