Tino Asprilla takes to a hoverboard dressed as T-Rex

It seems fair to say that Tino Asprilla is enjoying retirement.

The former Newcastle striker recently posted a video in which he tried to teach his horse to play football, and he’s also been out and about vaccinating cattle.



And he was at his entertaining best again this week.

Asprilla is a fan of hoverboarding, and recently got his hands on a new board. Excited to share the moment with his fans, the Colombian took to Twitter to show off his new hoverboard, but that wasn’t all…


Yes, that really was Asprilla wearing a T-Rex costume while riding a hoverboard. Why you ask? Because he can.

The 46-year-old was at times quite a fan favourite during his playing days, and he’s growing an even bigger following now that he has hung up his boots.