Brooklyn Beckham skateboarding over his dad

You’ve got to give David Beckham credit. Not many fathers would let their sons use them as a skateboarding obstacle.

In a clip shared on his Instagram, the eldest of the Beckham brood, Brooklyn, can be seen doing an ollie (in skateboarding vernacular, a trick where the rider and board leap into the air without the use of the rider’s hands) down a flight of stairs.

But as impressive as the trick is, it’s the fact that his dad David has happily offered himself up as a guinea pig that really catches the eye.

At least his son appears to know what he’s doing. Brooklyn was once in avid footballer, but after failing to secure a contract with Arsenal during him time at their academy, he might have decided to turn his attention to other pursuits.

Watch David Beckham remain calm in the face of danger below:

@skatelab @stevebadillo Ollie down the 8 stair and Dad

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