Say what?

Liverpool fans are up in arms over the club’s decision to raise ticket prices ahead of the 2016/17 season, but sometimes it’s hard to know just what the fans feel…

Reds supporters could have to cough up £77 to watch their team next season, with the decision to abandon a price freeze not well received.

Fans showed their displeasure by walking out of Anfield on the 77th minute of the weekend’s league clash with Sunderland. One of the 10,000 fans that took part in the walkout was asked for his thoughts on the matter by The Redmen TV

We’re sure he made a good point, it’s just hard to know what it was!

The Scouse accent is notoriously difficult to follow if you’re not familiar with it, and that chap certainly won’t be winning any prizes for his articulation.

For some more astute observations on the matter you can turn to Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher who was part of the group that left their seats.

Carragher wrote in his Daily Mail column: “Liverpool generate around £35m from ticket income. Had FSG announced a freeze on prices when the new stand was completed, the income would have risen to £37m. The increase means they could generate £39m. All this for the sake of £2m for the ninth richest club in the world.

“But £2m back in the pockets of fans? That would be huge. The club say that £77 gets you the best seat in the newest stand in the country but why should that be an elitist thing? Why can’t the normal working man have the chance to sit there? It isn’t fair.”

For the record, Liverpool were 2-0 up against Sunderland at the time of the walkout. They would go on to draw 2-2 with the relegation candidates…