Pochettino: Stadium will bring financial restrictions

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino says the club will have to be wary of the financial implications that will come with their new stadium plans.

Spurs will be in a very similar position to what rivals Arsenal found themselves in when they built the Emirates Stadium, and Pochettino is aware of the financial burden the club will face.

Spurs will need to be very cautious with their spending if they want to move to their new home in the best possible financial position.

During the recently closed January transfer window Spurs only decided to bring in 17-year-old Shilow Tracey, but on a positive note it was the fith successive transfer window that the club have made a profit.

"For us, it's very important to settle the strong basis and from that, start to build a strong squad because the potential of the club is massive for the future," said Pochettino.

"We have in front a very tough period. From Spain I heard a lot, I read a lot — always Google Translate, English to Spanish — that Arsene Wenger said the toughest period of the club was in the period that they built the stadium.

"And now I think that you need to know and the people need to know that this is a very tough period for us. The people are excited to see how we play and we need to be careful, because we need to arrive to the new stadium in very good condition to try to fight for everything and try to show that we are one of the best clubs and teams in the world."

A section of the Spurs faithful were a bit concerned that Pochettino didn't dip into the transfer market to find an alternative for striker Harry Kane, but the manager feels the squad is in a healthy state.

"I don't feel that our supporters are worried about the team," the Argentine continued. "We are plus 25 goal difference, we are in a very strong position when you compare to other teams. We have a very good balance and our people need to understand that Tottenham changed the vision, not of the football but in the way that we take decisions.

"For us today, to keep the balance, to find the right player – not only the striker but in different positions – is very important for us. The people need to realise that to improve our squad is a very difficult job. To pay money and to bring players is not the way that we took 18 months ago."

Spurs currently find themselves in third position in the league, level on points with Arsenal and five points behind leaders Leicester City who have to travel to the Etihad Stadium this weekend to face Manchester City.