Matthaus: Guardiola should have stayed

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Bayern München legend Lothar Matthaus has suggested that Pep Guardiola’s primary motivation for joining Manchester City is the lucrative financial incentives offered by the Premier League club.

Matthaus says he understands the Spaniard’s reason for accepting the job, but also pointed out that Bayern have given him everything he required to make a success of his time at the club.

“Perhaps he wanted a new challenge,” Matthaus told Sky Sports. “Of course I can understand Pep – his salary must be insane. And he wants to experience something new – despite the fact that he already had the best team in Europe.

Bayern fulfilled every wish, no matter what Guardiola wanted: the players, the coaches and even the doctors.

“He caused much disturbance off the field. But he is one of the best coaches on the planet. With the amount of money in circulation, I can understand Pep.

“I am one of his critics, but I would have loved to see him in Munich for a longer time. He was always interesting and entertaining for the journalists.

“He improved the team in many areas, but on the other hand he caused confusion, what many people didn’t understand.”

While he did praise Guardiola’s talents, Matthaus admitted that he was not a fan of some of the tactical decisions made by the former Barca boss.

He added: “I don’t like his system, it changes during the game. He uses players in different positions, even if they could play better with their normal position.

“I wouldn’t want to play as left forward if I normally play right-back. For example David Alaba had to play as central midfielder, despite the fact that he played his best games as left-back. 

“But you have to accept that. Guardiola was always successful, but in Munich he didn’t win the Champions League.

“He should have signed another contract in Munich. He can work with a top team and the trust from the Bayern officials.

“But after his contract expired, he had every right to sign somewhere else.”