Mourinho cops misconduct charge

Jose Mourinho has copped another charge of misconduct from the FA following Chelsea's 2-1 loss to West Ham United on Saturday.

The Portuguese coach was sent to the stands at half-time for comments made towards the referee during the break following Nemanja Matic's sending off at the end of the first half.

Blues coach Silvino Louro has been charged with the same offence, while both clubs have been accused of failing to control their players.

A statement from the Football Association read: "Jose Mourinho has been charged with misconduct in relation to his language and/or behaviour towards the match officials in or around the dressing room area at half-time.

"Chelsea coach Silvino Louro has also been charged with misconduct in relation to his behaviour which led to his 45th minute dismissal from the technical area.

"West Ham have been charged for failing to control their players in the 44th minute of the game and Chelsea have also been charged with the same offence for an alleged breach in the 45th minute of the game.

"All parties have until 6pm on Thursday [29 October 2015] to reply."