Barcelona could enter Ligue 1

Barcelona have reportedly been offered the opportunity to join Ligue 1 by the Prime Minister of France if the Catalans are no longer permitted to play in La Liga.

The recent debacle of Catalonia gaining independence from Spain has put Barca's league membership in serious doubt, but Manuel Valls says the Spanish giants will be welcome in the French top flight.

"Monaco play in Ligue 1, so why not Barcelona?" Valls told Journal du Dimanche. "I'm a huge football fan, a Barca fan. They're in my blood. France knows it and they ask me about it on the streets.

"Manager Luis Enrique's side may not be allowed to join up with the French ranks without cost, however, as Critchley highlighted the 50 million Euro payment made by Monaco in January 2014 to remain in Ligue 1.

"That one-off sum permitted the tax-haven sovereign state to remain in the division while still being exempt from France's tax laws, which may be considered a possible route for Barcelona."

Blaugrana fans were fined 40,000 euros by UEFA in September for Catalan flags visible in the stadium during their Champions League victory against Bayer Leverkusen.