Robson calls for exciting football

Manchester United legend Bryan Robson has called on his former team to play exciting, attractive football once again, amid criticism of the team's boring style.

The Red Devils are currently sitting in 5th position in the Premier League standings, but have garnered widespread criticism about the team's seemingly 'boring' style of play under Louis van Gaal.

"We are in the entertainment business and that's why Manchester United have 680 million fans around the world," Robson said at a promotional event in Mumbai. "We have to entertain those fans and that's always being part of Manchester United."

Robson said that van Gaal has proven United are a difficult side to score against, and must shift their focus to the other end of the pitch.

"When Louis van Gaal first came to the club he wanted to get a good, solid base to the team," he added.

"We have proved this season that we are difficult to score against. So now I think Louis Van Gaal will look to be that little bit more attacking and try and get the side to [the level] which the Manchester United fans have always been used to."

Manchester United take on Southampton on Saturday as they continue to pursue a Champions League spot in the table.