Breitenreiter urges Sane to stay at Schalke

Schalke 04 head coach Andre Breitenreiter believes striker Leroy Sane’s development would be better served by remaining with his current club.

However, the Schalke mentor did conceed he understood the temptation that comes with rumours linking a player with Europe’s elite clubs.

“The fact is that Leroy has a contract at Schalke until 2019, but you would have to see how he imagines his future path,” Breitenreiter told Bild.

“I think, however, that he still needs time to mature further, to play and to further establish himself [at Schalke] and with the senior national team.

“For me as a player it was always my dream to play for Barcelona or Real Madrid and of course you have to wonder how many times this possibility exists.

“Leroy must decide for himself, but I am convinced that he is very well cared for at Schalke. Here he can take the next step and then eventually switch to one of two or three world-class clubs and to be able to compete there with the best players in the world.”

The coach admitted the speculation has taken its toll on the player, but is confident in his ability to rise above it and continue performing at his best.

“I watch carefully whether something has changed in him and when I notice something, I remind him of his sporting goals,” Breitenreiter added.

“But you look at his body language and his commitment and see that he will continue to evolve and I hope it stays that way.”