Pique unperturbed by boo boys

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique says the constant jeering aimed at him from fans around the country does not affect him.

Pique became unpopular with fans of the Spanish national team and Real Madrid after starting a war of words with international team-mate Alvaro Arbeloa by criticising a match official following the Supercopa de Espana in August.

The booing has been a near constant presence at every match Pique has played since and the centre-back believes the main reason people jeer him now is because it has become fashionable.

"It's a situation that I have to live with. I don't think about it too much," the 28-year-old told El Pais. "The people hype it up because I am who I am, and it's become fashionable. But on most occasions I don't even realise it.

Just a while ago, with the national team, I asked [Marc] Bartra at half-time 'Today they're not booing me, right?' And he started to laugh because they were booing me a lot. But I am so focused in the game that I don't even realise.

"On one side, 100 boo and it seems like everyone's booing. And on the other side, I have no idea what reason they have. They make arguments that aren't true.

"'Pique doesn't feel Spanish', when have I ever said that? 'Pique went too far with [the] Kevin Roldan [comment] they say. But that's just Barca v Madrid and it has nothing to do with the national team.

"No argument makes sense to me. I am privileged and very happy to be a professional sports person, but should that make people so angry?"