Mourinho sacked by Chelsea – reaction

The Twitterverse exploded after news broke that 'The Special One' had become 'The Sacked One', We take a look at some of the reaction.

Here's the BBC showing us just exactly how the world reacted:

Piers Morgan seemed to think Jose was hard done by:

Speaking of the Gunners boss, what might his reaction have been?

And what about Eden Hazard. We can't confirm this was his actual reaction to the news. Probably not:

And it didn't stop there, everyone was having a field day:

The newspapers in Manchester moved quickly to weigh in on the decision:

All in all, it's a hard life for a Premier League manager, and getting the axe is never too far away:

Finally, take a trip down memory lane for a collection of Mourinho's best moments at Chelsea. Tap or click to stop on your favourite memory: