Talking Points: Chelsea fuel ‘betrayal’ talk

Chelsea's sudden upturn, Man Utd's struggles and Liverpool painfully reverting to type are among this week's Premier League talking points.

Chelsea performance revealing

It feels like all season we have been asking the question of whether or not the Chelsea players still backed now-sacked manager Jose Mourinho. 

In fact, it’s a question that he himself began to ask probably a lot more publically than he really should have. He may have gone, but the players he left behind certainly did little to dispel the theory they were working to undermine him. 

Against Sunderland they were hungry, vibrant, energetic and authoritative. In other words, they were all they things they could have offered Mourinho – if they had wanted to. 

Whether or not it is actually true only the players themselves will know, but it certainly didn’t escape the gaze of the home fans at Stamford Bridge who were not shy about voicing their discontent despite the fact – or because of it – their team won quite easily. 

Klopp honeymoon over?

For a while there, Liverpool were looking genuinely exciting under Jurgen Klopp. Recent form though, culminating in the 3-0 surrender to Watford, tends to suggest there is no magic wand to be waved at Anfield. 

It isn’t so much the defeats themselves that will be rankling with Liverpool fans, but the manner of them. There just hasn’t been much to get excited about. 

Klopp was a hugely astute appointment and that is what he remains. It seems, however, that a little reality check is due and the real work starts now.

Foxes can’t believe hype

Right now, Leicester City don’t look like they are going anywhere. They are going to be top of the pile at Christmas (after being bottom of the table last Christmas) and swatted aside a very good Everton side at Goodison Park this weekend. 

Everyone has been waiting for the Leicester bubble to burst, and now people are just starting to question whether it’s going to. 

The Foxes themselves, though, would be well-served by ignoring their own hype. Underdog spirit and desire has put them in this position, and that’s what is most likely to keep them there too. 

Van Gaal running out of excuses

Manchester United are the most boring team in the league, and that comes from someone who watches Sunderland every week. 
You sit down and watch the Red Devils and you fully expect a laborious one-paced soul-crushing bore-fest. That is not what Man Utd should be about. 

The task of rebuilding United after Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure was always going to be a colossal one. However, Van Gaal has been backed with an obscene amount of money and, while no one expects miracles quite yet, a little noticeable progress would surely be appreciated by supporters.