Pellegrini: More than two in title race

Ahead of Monday night's match against Arsenal, Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini insisted the two sides are not alone in the Premier League title race.

Speaking to the Independent, Pellegrini also played down the importance of Monday night's match.

"It is not a decisive game against Arsenal because after that, we have to play 21 games more and that is a lot of points," he explained.

"It is important to demonstrate who is the best team of the first round and it is important to play against the team who is one point above our team, but I think that Leicester finished the first round still at the top of the table.

"Manchester United is just a few points behind us, Tottenham can be involved and Liverpool and Crystal Palace can be involved too. You have to play so many games that it is impossible to think just two teams can be involved in the title.

"It is a very important game, it is a game of six points, but you can win and the most important rival with Leicester will stay in the same position," he concluded.