Hiddink: Chelsea’s problems won’t be fixed overnight

New Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink has made it clear that it will take time for the Blues to recover from the disastrous season they have endured thus far. 

Chelsea, who are the reigning Premier League champions, currently sit in 15th place on the standings and have only won five of the 17 games they have played to date. 

However, Hiddink conceded that getting Chelsea back into a competitive position will be a lot easier said than done. 

"If you look back a bit to last season where there was this huge success in winning the title then of course you go into the next season and you have your targets, your aims and your aims are the same,” Hiddink told reporters.

“Getting the championship again, even though in the Premier League that is not easy, that was the main target. The other targets of course are to go into the Champions League and the FA Cup.

"But it is not easy to fix as sometimes after a championship you might relax a bit as a team and then you get a wake-up call from somewhere in September, but the situation is that they were down last week to one point off the relegation zone, which was frightening for everyone inside the club.

"It is not easy to say 'I am here and tomorrow the problem is solved'."

Hiddink added that a top four finish is still possible for his side, but admitted that it will be a tough ask as Chelsea will have to win a large number of their remaining games if they are to surge up the standings. 

"Mathematically it is possible, if you can add up then it is possible but this league is very strong," he said. "That has been especially proven this year with all respect to the clubs at the top – Leicester, Crystal Palace, Watford – it is amazing and refreshing. It means that all the teams can kill each other.”

Chelsea will be looking to build on their 3-1 win over Sunderland on December 19 when they host Watford on Saturday.